Azzam Jamal eddine
Capacities to manage participation in partnerships based on patents sharing

In this research, we investigate how firms manage their participation in patent pools, which are private interorganizational arrangements for sharing patents on a large scale. Drawing on the licensing and open innovation literature, we elaborate a conceptual framework to analyze the organizational capacities that enable firms to manage their participation in patent pools. We illustrate and enrich this conceptual framework through an in-depth study of Technicolor. Our findings show that the company develops and leverages its patent portfolio to strengthen its positions both as a licensee and licensor vis-à-vis the pools’ members through three distinct capacities: absorptive, desorptive and patent generation. We also reveal how the company assesses opportunities to join patent pools. The organizational perspective articulated in this paper enhances understandings of patent pools and expands the literature on licensing and open innovation.