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M@n@gement is the first open access journal in management, strategy and organization theory. Supported by the AIMS, this well-ranked, double blind peer-reviewed journal has been publishing original research articles improving our understanding of organizational phenomena for more than 20 years. We encourage creative and novel research which relies on new and nontraditional theories, methods, and/or database.


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Finance Contrôle et Stratégie

Finance Contrôle Stratégie is an open access academic journal that aims to contribute to the development of research in finance, control and strategy of organizations. This well ranked, double blind peer-reviewed journal aims to facilitate the dissemination of innovative results, in particular those of recently defended theses. It favors articles that aim to explain and understand the functioning, decisions and efficiency of organizations. Without excluding theoretical articles, it gives preference to articles with strong empirical content, whether in the form of statistical, clinical or  experimental studies, etc. The methodology can be either quantitative or qualitative.