Art of ethnography/ Ethnography of art (séminaire doctoral gratuit en ligne) - du 18 au 20 Janvier 2021 - On line

Séminaire doctoral organisé par IMT-BS et le LITEM (laboratoire de Paris Saclay), avec la participation de Jerzy Kociatiewicz, Monika Kostera; Hugo Letiche, Terrence Letiche et Jean-Luc Moriceau.

This seminar will be dedicated to ‘speaking nearby’ in ethnographic research (Trinh Min-ha, 1990). In research that claims to speak about or for the other, the researcher de facto tries to control, take possession and/or dominate the ‘Other’. As Ingold (2011) has claimed, lived experiential circumstances are thereby denigrated by the assumption that truth is elsewhere; that is, in the researcher’s theories, observations and results. The critique is to be related to Bhabha’s (1994) proposition of the ‘third space’, which is on the borderlands, where relationships and interacts are preserved, developed and honoured. But how do we reach the ‘third space’ and what do we do when and if we get there? One possibility is to develop ‘artist as ethnographer’ experimentations, wherein researchers’ representation of their fieldwork breaks with social science’s ‘iconophobia’ (Schneider & Wright, 2006) and starts to explore oral and/or visual means of expression. The seminar will at the same time be dedicated to addressing these questions bottom-up; that is from an in-practice perspective. Thus, what does the ‘sensory turn’ mean to us methodologically, in our own practices of ethnographic research? And how does art and ethnography support us to do justice to ‘self and other’ in our research? 

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