Call for Book Chapters: Creative Industries and the COVID-19 Pandemic - 31 Octobre 2020

Routledge Research in the Creative and Cultural Industries series,

Editors of the Book: Elisa SALVADOR, ESSCA School of Management, France, Trilce NAVARRETE, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Andrej SRAKAR, Institute for Economic Research (IER) and School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana.

Considering the evolving and unstable context due to the pandemic in progress, this Book seeks to investigate actual strategies of Cultural and Creative Industries’ actors, government bodies and cultural institutions facing the COVID-19 crisis and the consequences of these emergency strategies for the future of these sectors. Creative solutions adopted facing the lockdown could reveal beneficial also after the crisis and could originate new forms of cultural consumption or innovative market strategies.

This Book aims at collecting original contributions and identifying best practices that could benefit cultural stakeholders adopting and implementing effective strategies in the next future. We invite qualitative and quantitative papers and are particularly interested in contributions at international level, with a focus on European countries, including cross-country comparisons. We welcome contributions that reflect an experimental nature, based on primary and secondary data collected during the national lockdown periods.

For further information, please contact Prof Elisa SALVADOR from ESSCA School of Management.

The full text of the call for book chapters is available here:

Prof Elisa SALVADOR ESSCA School of Management -
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