ISBE Conference 2019: Track "Business Support, Strategies and Practice" - du 14 au 15 Novembre 2019 - New-Castle (UK)

42th CONFERENCE ISBE 2019 : Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

"SPACE – exploring new frontiers and entrepreneurial places"

Track : Business Support, Strategies and Practice

Chairs: Professor Sylvie Sammut, University of Montpellier (LABEX Entreprendre) and Dr Nathalie Schieb-Bienfait, University of Nantes (LEMNA)

The conference takes place from the 14th to the 15th of november, in New-Castle

Registration for ISBE 2019 is now open. 

About 400 papers will be presented in the following parallel sessions:

• Business Creation, Early Stage Development and Business Closure

• Business Support, Strategies and Practice

• Creative Industries Entrepreneurship

• Enterprise Education

• Entrepreneurial Finance

• Entrepreneurial Governance

• Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning

• Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups

• Family and Community Business

• Freelancing, Solo Self-Employment and Gig Economy Working

• Gender and Enterprise

• International Entrepreneurship

• Networks, Innovation and Policy

• Rural Enterprise

• SME Growth and Performance: quantitative perspectives

• Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise

• Technology Entrepreneurship

Sylvie Sammut - Nathalie Schieb-Bienfait - ;