EURAM 2020 SIG 3 - Artificial Intelligence as an Enabler for Venture Creation, Innovation, and Organizational Change - 14 Janvier 2020 - Dublin

Artificial Intelligence is perhaps the most promising architectural innovation in the 21st Century and will impact all aspects of society and businesses in far greater magnitude than any previous digital revolution (Makridakis, 2017). Given its powerful technological capabilities, AI is a promising enabler for organizations: It facilitates new venture creation processes (Nambisan, 2016), reshapes the nature of the innovation process and organization of R&D (Cockburn, Henderson, & Stern, 2018), augment management work (Kolbjørnsrud, Amico, & Thomas, 2016).

Therefore, this track invites both conceptual and empirical research that examines the question of how AI can enable venture creation, innovation, and organizational change

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