Doctoral workshop: From description to theory - - du 28 au 30 Novembre 2018 - Université d'Evry Val d'Essonnes

Excellent qualitative / inductive research is profoundly stimulating. But how does it get that way?

With ethnography, grounded theory, inductive case studies, auto-ethnography in/on organizations, emersion in a site of research requires rich interaction with the researched, awareness of circumstantial complexity, and well-developed skills of observation and writing. Then, a successful thesis requires rich, close and multidimensional site description, which is analyzed with a correspondingly, telling and convincing theorization.

But, in addition, the researcher needs to examine her/his own reflexivity and how it plays a role in her/his interactions and engagements with the field as well as with theory.

Finding the right match and the right circulation between data collection, the theory used to achieve data analysis, and authorial self-awareness often proves to be difficult.

This workshop is meant to help doctoral students in questioning and bettering the match, and in finding a successful track from description to theory, to one’s authorship.

This workshop is designed for doctorate students in management, organization or social studies. It will be open to a small group in order to be able to work in a workshop mode. The three days will be devoted to examples and reflective discussion of the path from description to theory. Will be examined the processes from research theme or question, to site emersion, to description, to theory driven observations and conclusions. Our goal is to work hands-on, helping the participants to think through and master for themselves key questions about doing qualitative research.

To participate you will need to contact us before November 19th.

Jean-Luc Moriceau -
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