"Evocative Writing" (Qualitative research) Doctoral workshop organized by LITEM and AgroParistech - du 21 au 23 Mars 2018 - AgroparisTech, Salle 35, 16 rue Claude Bernard 75231 Paris Cedex 5 France

Perhaps, surprisingly, there is really very little direct, empirical ethnographic work done in management or organizational studies. Detailed descriptions are rare; researcher practitioners are not common. Behavioral studies of strategy or accounting remain exceptional. The goal of this workshop is to encourage evocative writing about real people, situations, places and issues. Examples of research will be examined, discussed and analyzed. We will offer interactive hands-on training in research wherein researcher and researchee are proximate, engaged and relevant. Not only ‘what’ the researcher does (can do) but also ‘why’ the researcher would make her/his choices will be examined.

Because the program centers on multiple exercises, the number of participants will have to be limited to 12. This seminar is designed for doctorate students in management, organization or social studies. A special emphasis will be put on links between content and style, ethics, performativity, reflexivity, affects and context. Participants will better know contemporary ethnographic writing modes on organizations, current debates and possibilities, reflect on their own choices and links between descriptive modes and theories with a special emphasize on affect-based, phenomenological, or poetic texts.

Jean-Luc Moriceau - jean-luc.moriceau@telecom-em.eu
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