Recrutement en mcf lru marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, or finance – iae aix en provence, université d’aix-marseille - 31 Mai 2022

 Profil détaillé du poste :

The IAE Aix-Marseille is deriving a strategy pertaining to two ambitious projects:

 ·                     Developing the entrepreneurship-as-a-pedagogical model (the I3 lab initiates a differentiating and relevant pedagogical approach for developing skills of the future. The I3 lab is an in-depth pedagogical initiative develops the students' situational intelligence - the ability to react to uncertain situations - based on specific characteristics of the context. It emerged from an intrapreneurial project that gathered three University Departments, five administrative personnel, and two alumni).

 ·                     Empowering humanistic leadership (IAE aims at exposing students to three types of diversity: international diversity; disciplinary diversity; social diversity – through humanitarian actions to develop students’ emotional intelligence).

 These projects aim at developing students and better preparing them to VUCA environment. They foster students’ situational intelligence, autonomy, critical analysis, collective intelligence, and agility.

 To be impactful, research at IAE serve the school pedagogy, legitimacy, and strategy. We have created three research chairs, specifically in line with IAE pedagogy.

 (1) A research center dedicated to humanistic leadership. This research center gathers eight researchers from AMGSM Aix-Marseille. It is backed by a private chair.

 (2) A research center focusing on entrepreneurial legitimacy (CLE). This research center gathers two researchers from AMGSM Aix-Marseille, three researchers from other branches of Aix-Marseille University, three entrepreneurs, and five doctoral students. It is backed by a private chair and funds from AMU institutes.

 (3) A research chair based on the impact of digitalization on organizational and human resource management. It builds on the collaboration of AMGSM and two renowned national engineering schools (ENSAM and ECM).

 Recruit will be asked to be able to contribute to own of these research chairs.

 Enseignement :

 The candidate must be specialized in one or more branches of organizational management. Particular attention will be paid to profiles that can deliver courses in the fields of marketing, innovation, entrepreneurship, or finance.  

 Due to the strong internationalization of the IAE, its international accreditations and the delivery of bilingual degrees, the person recruited will have to be able to provide courses in English.

 The teaching will be provided to students in master. In addition, the IAE reserves an important place in its programs to the training of future company managers in Strategic Management of Corporate Resources. Teachings to the executive public can be considered.

 Recherche :

 The candidate will join the CERGAM (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche en Gestion d'Aix Marseille, EA 4225) lab.

 The CERGAM is a research unit in management sciences of Aix Marseille University organized in five areas: 1) Entrepreneurship, Information, Internationalization; 2) Finance, Accounting, Control; 3) Public Management; 4) Marketing and Management of Services; 5) Strategy and Human Resources. Involvement in one of the 5 axes of the laboratory and its teams is mandatory. In particular, regular participation in research seminars is advised and involvement in collective research projects is recommended.

 IAE Aix-Marseille develops a vast program to foster young researchers’ career. Coherent with AMU policy, researcher will benefit from an efficient climate to reinforce scientific productions of researchers. Bootcamps, mentoring, balanced teaching loads, hackathon etc. are being developed to help young researchers to rapidly strengthen their international networks and their ability to lead ambitious research projects.

 The candidate must have demonstrated an ability to produce high-quality research outputs in the field. Research contributions like article, case study, PHD defense, book chapter, are expected during the stay at IAE.

 Research activities must have resulted in publications in ranked journals, in conferences and / or in case studies. An international orientation of research (collaboration with researchers from foreign universities, publication/submission of work in international journals and conferences) is essential. Experience in managing research contracts with companies and/or public institutions would be appreciated. Particular attention will be paid to candidates who have developed links with the professional world.

 Responsabilités administratives:

 A Responsibility or co-responsibility of program may be entrusted. This means managing a team of international lecturer, handling the pedagogical content and coherence of the master, recruiting students, participating to fairs, organized personalized tracks of students, coaching them for their careers. Programs at IAE are backed with efficient and significant administrative support to lighten faculties duties.