Call for applications for two postdoctoral contracts - institute on creativity and innovations of aix-marseille (inciam) (2022-2023) - 15 Mai 2022

As part of its deployment, the Institute on Creativity and Innovations of Aix-Marseille (InCIAM), launched a call for applications for the recruitment of two postdoctoral researchers for the year 2022-2023.

These contracts are for a fixed term, for a period of one year. The laureates will have to start their research at the beginning of their contract, on September 1st, 2022.

The amount of the postdoctoral contract is € 2468.40 gross per month according to the

gross index 608.

The response deadline is May 15th, 2022.

Worldwide applications are highly recommended. Candidates who have defended their

thesis at AMU (including in the framework of a co-supervision with a foreign university)

must have an international background, attested by research activities during at least

one year in a foreign structure.

Research Organization

The research projects presented must be part of the InCIAM's themes. They will contribute to the understanding of the dynamics, factors and conditions that influence creative and innovation processes and / or the development of creative productions and innovations adapted to individuals and organizations.

They will have to fall under one or more of the thematic axes and fields of application developed in the institute, namely:

1. Creative and Innovation Processes

1.1. Epistemology and genetics of creative productions

1.2. Understanding and assisting creative and innovation processes

1.3. Analysis and support for creative and cultural industries

2. Development of innovations

2.1. Health

2.2. Education

2.3. Work

Successful postdoctoral researchers will be expected to develop multidisciplinary research activities. They will therefore be jointly hosted in two research units under the responsibility of InCIAM (with a main hosting unit and a secondary unit and will have to produce publications and communications involving the two units. They will devote themselves primarily to research projects that will be defined in agreement with researchers or teacher-researchers belonging to the Institute. In addition, they will be entrusted with complementary missions within the framework of collective actions implemented by InCIAM.

Evaluation criteria

The examination of the candidatures will concern the quality of the scientific file as well as that of the postdoctoral project and its interest compared to the axes of research of InCIAM.

The selection of applications will be done in two stages: 1 / an eligibility phase (examination of written projects); 2 / an admission phase (hearing of successful candidates after the eligibility phase).

Admission requirements: Thesis defended between 01/01/2019 and 15/05/2022.

The applicant must agree to respect the publication and signature charter, to name and thank InCIAM and A*MIDEX in its publications and communications, and in general to promote the activities of the Institute and to develop publications and communications between the laboratories affiliated to InCIAM.

Application form (please check the joined file)

The application file must be structured according to Annex C (joined file) and must be sent in electronic version only.

The application file should be sent in a minimum of files, knowing that the thesis manuscript will be attached separately.

The request for letters from the Directors of the host research units of InCIAM must be made at least one week before the submission of the application, i.e. before May 8, 2022.

Nathalie Bonnardel -