Researching humanly: phd workshop (on line and free) - 29 Novembre 2021



PhD seminar, in English, online, free of charge, 29 November-1 December 2021

In a forthcoming book, Monika Kostera (2022) describes the imaginoscope, a device for observing and experiencing objects and events taking place with diverse uses of the imagination. This seminar will build on the idea of co-constructing human researching and will examine available possibilities for identifying imaginative and inspired potentials of organizing and organizational life.

While the more conventional approaches privilege looking for patterns, structures, and emerging categories, this is not the only possible choice. A more radically phenomenological stance calls for researchers to focus on understanding over explanation (Feyerabend, 1975). This seminar will aim at supporting and nurturing this latter direction, not necessarily intended to replace more traditional theorizing, but as an interesting, and insightful enhancement. We will guide the students in what the poet John Keats calls ‘negative capability’, positioned as an approach to ethnographic reflection and interpretation. It is a way of abstaining from the drive to explain what we do not understand. Instead, we can remain attentive and focused. This way it is possible to gain new insights, by way of refusing to immediately recognize and know. (see pdf announcement)

Jean-Luc Moriceau -