Bringing institutional theory to marketing - Toward a multilevel understanding of the emergence, maintenance and disruption of consumption practices. Deadline for short papers: 2017-02-15 - du 15 Février 2017 au 30 Mai 2017 - ISC Paris Business School

We invite theoretical and empirical works that explores the process of emergence, maintenance and disruption of consumption practices and that acknowledges the variety of roles that actors can play in such institutional dynamics. The potential topics include, but are not limited to: - How consumption practices emerge at the first place? - How consumption practices are maintained and continue over time? - How consumption practices erode and collapse? - How do illegitimate consumption practices evolve over time? Why do some illegitimate consumption practices become legitimate whereas others disappear? - What is the role of consumers as agents in the shaping of consumption practices at the macro level? - Beyond the dyad firm-consumer, what is the role of media, critics, technology, and professions in legitimating and delegitimizing consumption practices? - How do collaborative dynamics among companies legitimate new market products and new consumption practices in emerging industries?

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